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Practical Strategies to Effectively Engage Nonprofit Board Members

10 October, 2018 / Posted by: Oyindamola Adegboye

Having board members that are actively engaged in the mission and performance of the organisation is highly critical. However, keeping a board engaged requires work. For instance, a study of 200 non-profits in the United States reveals that only 15 per cent of non-profit boards are involved in...

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Redefining Feminism and Feminist Activism in West Africa

04 September, 2018 / Posted by: Nana Ekua Awotwi

For decades, feminism has been a key word that has influenced national and international agendas across the globe. The scope and specificities of its practice arouse prolonged arguments as to what...


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The Life Cycle of a Functional CSO Board

14 August, 2018 / Posted by: Charles Kojo Vandyck

A key driver of operational resilience and sustainability is the capability of civil society organisations (CSOs) to establish and cultivate effective boards. Board governance is an important...