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Sexual Harassment in the Workplace

14 June, 2018 / Posted by: Cesaltina Tavares

Sexual harassment in general, and at work in particular, have severe negative effects on the victims. Sexual harassment is any sexually related action, behavior and word that is likely to affect the dignity and the physical or moral integrity of a person. [1] There are different types of sexual...

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The Silent Torturer: Gender Based Violence against Men

18 April, 2018 / Posted by: Sandra Ndangha

Gender Based Violence (GBV) is a general term used to capture violence that occurs because of normative role expectations associated with each gender, along with unequal power relationships...


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The Tapestry of Change - Leaders, Society and Individuals

20 March, 2018 / Posted by: Samuel Owusu-Baafi

What is it that frightens so many Americans about having Donald Trump as their president? The hair? Unlikely. His propensity to tweet the first thing that comes to mind? Maybe. Or perhaps it’s...


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Reforming Drug Control in West Africa through a Model Drug Law

06 December, 2017 / Posted by: Chamrid Kpadonou & Charles Kojo Vandyck

Drug trafficking has become a visible threat to governance and development in West Africa. The region is increasingly becoming a hub in the global drug trade and a transit point for narcotics from...