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Mr. Daniel Andoh, certified IFC trainer facilitating the training (photo: Jimm Fomunjong (WACSI))

Mr. Daniel Andoh, certified IFC trainer facilitating the training

Civil Society Actors in West Africa Empowered to be Effective Managers

Great, excellent, participatory and wonderful are some of the adjectives used by participants to describe the three day training in Personal Productivity Skills which held from May 16 – 18, 2012 at the WACSI training Centre in Accra, Ghana.

The International Finance Corporation (IFC) training organised by WACSI, was facilitated by Mr. Daniel Andoh, an IFC certified trainer. He used a highly interactive approach, coupled with experience sharing examples to guide participants through the sessions which sought to groom participants into better team leaders, good coaches and effective managers at work.

“The trainer was connected to the participants”, explained Ms. Patricia Porekuu, National Coordinator of the Ghana Coalition of NGOs in Health, who took part in the training. “I learned how to deal with my team to achieve better performance”.

Mr. Shamsudeen Adam sharing his rich experience during the training

Mr. Shamsudeen Adam sharing his rich experience during the training

Mr. Gabriel Bernakuu (second from right), Chief Executive Officer of Mission of Hope International (MIHOSO), Ghana, who also commended the facilitation skills of the facilitator pointed out that the training was “very appropriate and tailor-made. I learned simple ways of building effective teams and acquired novel coaching skills that l will utilise to boost the performance of my organization.” Gabriel is poised to establish a coaching policy for his organization and to regularize team building trainings for managers within his team.

The training benefitted eighteen civil society actors from Burkina Faso, Nigeria and Ghana. Participants remarked that the training process was involving, concepts were simplified, the training environment and facilities were excellent, and the multicultural diversity of experienced participants, – a characteristic of WACSI’s trainings – made the training to be practically good.

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