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Participants at the training engage in different practical activities (photo: WACSI)

Participants at the training engage in different practical activities

NAYMOTE Equipped to Effectively Communicate; Thanks to OSIWA

The staff and volunteers of the National Youth Movement for Transparent Elections (NAYMOTE), Liberia recently benefited from a five days intense training to enhance their communication skills. It has helped to greatly address the communication challenges of the organisation in relating to its stakeholders.

As a result of this training, staff has gained knowledge on identifying their key stakeholders, tools of reaching out to them, and the categories of communication vital to effectively communicate the values, projects and achievements of NAYMOTE. 

“NAYMOTE has done a lot of work but has not been able to effectively communicate with its different stakeholders. However, following this training, the organisation will communicate with its stakeholders clearly, effectively and timely”, said Eddie D. Jarwolo, Executive Director of NAYMOTE. 

Also commenting, Jonathan Lackay, a program staff of NAYMOTE expressed the uniqueness of the training and how it will strengthen communication processes at NAYMOTE both internally and externally and translate to the success of the organisation. “This will help the organisation in attaining its goals”, he said.

The training will help NAYMOTE to effectively curate its messages and strategically share it with key stakeholders for appropriate feedback. “Prior to this training, we were communicating in an ad hoc manner. We are now clear on what message to share, with whom and when to do so. This will enable NAYMOTE to achieve better results” explained Benetta V.  Davis, Women’s Lead of NAYMOTE.

For his part, Charles Kojo Vandyck, the Capacity Building Officer of the West Africa Civil Society Institute (WACSI), remarked that he believes the training will have a great improvement on NAYMOTE’s communication based on the level of efforts applied by the participants. 

Funded by the Open Society Initiative of West Africa (OSIWA), the training was facilitated by the Communications and Information Officer of WACSI, Jimm Chick Fomunjong. 13 NAYMOTE staff and volunteers comprising of five females and eight males took part in the training. They all lauded OSIWA and WACSI for the opportunity. 

By: Geraldine A. Brown and Randolph R. Kolleh, volunteers at NAYMOTE

This articles was written by two participants after the training. It's an achievement that reflects the practical, hands-on and relevant nature of the training.

Geraldine and Randolph writing this article during a practical session

Geraldine and Randolph writing this article during a practical session

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