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Civil Society Sustainability and Local Capacity Development in Cameroon-WACSeries Volume 2

WACSeries are analytical periodic write‐ups on topical themes and issues relevant to West Africa. These write‐ups provide experts, researchers and practitioners a space to reflect, analyse and posit views and recommendations on emerging issues and debates.

The WACSeries Issue Paper editions are more thought provoking and intellectual engaging write-ups that provide critical reflections and analysis of issues relevant to civil society development effectiveness.

In this issue, Mr. Ngang, a development practitioner, provided a best practice analysis on civil society sustainability and local capacity development in Cameroon. The paper starts with an analysis of the current discourses around capacity development and its place in the global development agenda. This section proposes a paradigm shift which moves capacity development from a top-down, donor-driven approach into an endogenous, community driven process. The second part of the paper calls on external development agencies and donors to challenge the current environment that hampers local capacity development by supporting communities and local CSOs in a variety of highlighted ways. Lastly, the paper tests its analysis on a practical and successful approach developed and used by the North West Association of Development Organisations (NWADO), an umbrella association of CSOs in the Anglophone Highlands of Cameroon.

Overall, Mr. Ngang posits an interesting argument on the need to rethink local capacity development for CSOs in the region and showcases a successful, locally driven capacity development initiative which is contributing to the sustainability of participating CSOs.

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