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WACSI Partners with TechSoup to Provide Affordable Technology to CSOs in West Africa

West Africa Civil Society Institute (WACSI) has partnered TechSoup, a technology-driven non-profit organisation, to provide subsidised products and services to other non-governmental organisations across West Africa. WACSI’s mandate, which is is to strengthen the institutional and operational capacities of civil society organisations (CSOs) to become more collaborative, responsive and resilient, resonates with Tecshoup’s mandate to build the capacity of CSOs through technology donation, training and technical assistance.

The partnership between WACSI and TechSoup provides an opportunity for both institutions to offer services to CSOs in the region, enabling them to increase their productivity and efficiency through technology. In an era dominated by the growing adoption of technology, civil society organisations must embrace modern tools and techniques, empowering them to effectively achieve their mandate.

TechSoup is present in more than 236 countries and territories across the globe and has been present in Northern, Eastern and Southern Africa. This new partnership in West Africa presents a significant opportunity to civil society organisations to apply and receive technology products and services at a heavily discounted rate.

According to Anne Musyoki, TechSoup’s Programme Coordinator for Africa, “these products and services are delivered at up to a 95% discount on their market price or even for free.” This affords CSOs the opportunity to offset their operations cost from IT equipment and infrastructure to support their social mission.

According to Nana Asantewa Afadzinu, the Executive Director of WACSI, “the goal of this partnership is to enable CSOs strengthen their capacity and support their sustainability.”

WACSI and TechSoup, with support from Microsoft, organised an official launch event of the partnership on Thursday, April 20th in Ghana. WACSI is now live on the TechSoup platform,, overseeing 18 countries comprised of the 15 ECOWAS countries, Mauritania, Cameroon and Chad.

To receive discounted product as low as 4-5% of their retail value, kindly visit the website, register your organisation and place an order:

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