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Civil Society Situation Report 16-31 July,2017

In this second half of July edition of the West Africa civil society situation report, news and activities were captured in the various countries of the sub-region as well as at the continental and international levels.

In Benin for example, l’ONG Ceradis organized a workshop on advocacy where information on health reproduction and family planning to empower men and women of the media to feed the population was shared . In Burkina Faso, many trade unionists and their representatives mobilized to denounce unfair dismissals since the armed crisis of 2014. In Cote d’Ivoire, the Agnibilekrou populations were sensitized to fight against corruption, during a workshop organized as part of the open government partnership initiative.

In Cap-Vert, Sokol 2017 the organisers of the grand 5 July protest against centralist politics of the Capital, are strategizing to become a civic movement for the purpose of inciting and provoking the critical thinking of civil society. In Nigeria, the House of Representatives has started the deliberation on NGO Regulation Bill which is aimed towards constraining civil society organisation’s civic activism and destroying dissent in the country.

These and many more interesting civil society news updates are featured in this edition of the civil society situation report.

The Civil Society Situation Report is a bi-monthly synopsis of news articles compiled by WACSI on civil society and citizen engagement across West Africa and beyond. It serves as a tool to monitor the trends and changes in both fields across the regions.

Access the situation report here.

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