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WACSI's Executive Director, Nana A. Afadzinu (Right) handing Certificate to Participant at NGO Management Course in Guinea (photo: WACSI)

WACSI's Executive Director, Nana A. Afadzinu (Right) handing Certificate to Participant at NGO Management Course in Guinea

New Training Courses for Civil Society Actors in West Africa

WACSI has identified new areas to strengthen the skills of civil society actors across West Africa.

Adding to its core courses tailored to make civil society more effective and efficient, the Institute has identified some novel areas of skills enhancement for civil society actors. Personal Productivity Skills, Human Resources Management and Financial Management and Budgetary Control are three of the six new courses that WACSI will be delivering to civil society actors across the sub-region from 2012.

The above courses are being developed in conjunction with the International Finance Corporation, an international organization established by Articles of Agreement among its member countries including fifteen (15) West African Countries. The modules were developed by the IFC for small and medium size enterprises under its Business Edge program. WACSI chose these modules that will be customized to respond to challenges faced by CSOs in West Africa.

WACSI has not limited its approach of delivering new and targeted courses to its collaboration with the IFC. The Institute is developing training manuals that will inform future courses on its agenda. Communication Strategies and Skills, Introduction to Policy Advocacy and Engagement and, Networking and Alliance Building are key on its agenda. The Institute has identified these as some of the specific needs of civil society actors and organizations within the sub-region and aims to respond to this. “The Institute builds on its internal strategy to develop courses that are useful for civil society within a specific period of time and within their context, to respond to operational challenges facing civil society organizations (CSOs) within the sub-region”, says Charles Vandyck, Training and Capacity Building Officer of WACSI.

The targeted areas to be addressed by these specialized courses have been prioritized based on request from CSOs and actors in West Africa as they reflect their contemporary operational needs, explains Mr. Vandyck. It is expected that these courses will enable civil society in West Africa to emerge as a robust partner of the state, by first upholding exemplary organizational standards and then, expanding the scope of their vision, effectiveness and efficiency to build an amiable open society in the sub-region.

For more information on WACSI’s scheduled courses for 2012 including these new specialized courses, click here.

Resource Centre

The Institute has a resource centre that is open to civil society actors in the region. It serves as a library of civil society documents, research reports and edited volumes that are accessible to both individuals and organisations. The Institute has partnered the Foundation Centre to provide online learning resources and a database of grant giving institutions in the United States of America.

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