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Michel Douti Facilitating M & E Course for WACSI Staff (photo: Jimm Fomunjong)

Michel Douti Facilitating M & E Course for WACSI Staff

WACSI to Develop New Strategic Plan

Michel Douti, Monitoring and Evaluation (M & E) Officer of the Open Society Initiative for West Africa urged WACSI to utilize its skills and knowledge development projects across West Africa to make the civil society sector become more professional and robust across the sub-region.

This call came as the M & E officer facilitated an intensive and interesting four day course on monitoring and evaluation, from 13 to 16 February, at the Institute’s secretariat, which enabled WACSI staff to identify benchmarks and parameters in developing the Institute’s new five year plan.

The course marked the beginning of steps to develop a strategic plan for the Institute and the skills of WACSI staff has been strengthened to be fully engaged in the planning process. The exercise which used a knowledge sharing approach enabled the facilitator to engage WACSI staff in practical sessions that gave them an opportunity to think through the purpose, objectives, activities and results of the Institute’s key programmatic intervention areas.

The facilitator urged WACSI staff to conduct a baseline study which will be used as a basis to inform its interventions five years from 2013. This will enable the Institute to map out specific areas within civil society in West Africa that require strengthening, and outline a well-defined plan to address them. Michel Douti also emphasized on the development of a monitoring and evaluation plan that would enable the Institute to track its progress in achieving its goal in forthcoming years. The monitoring and evaluation plan for the Institute will serve as a gauge for the effectiveness of its sub-regional interventions. Through it, the Institute will ascertain progress made in achieving the objectives set out within its programmatic framework, and make timely interventions to deliver efficient capacity development initiatives tailored to improve the services of civil society organizations in West Africa.

In developing the 2013 - 2017 strategic plan, the Institute will deepen its programmatic strategy of institutional and operational strengthening for civil society organizations in the sub-region.

Resource Centre

The Institute has a resource centre that is open to civil society actors in the region. It serves as a library of civil society documents, research reports and edited volumes that are accessible to both individuals and organisations. The Institute has partnered the Foundation Centre to provide online learning resources and a database of grant giving institutions in the United States of America.

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