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Training Courses

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Resource Mobilisation and Proposal Writing

Application deadline: February 17, 2016 The course will help the participants identify the current gap in resources for sustainable programme intervention. It will help to understand the diverse sources and methods to mobilize resources. Participants will understand the significance of relationship building in resource mobilisation. The overall objective of the Course in Resource...

12-15 May, 2015

26-28 March, 2014

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Financial Management and Grants Reporting

Application deadline: February 17, 2016. Civil society practitioners involved in community action have the responsibility of ensuring that their limited resources are used effectively while implementing programmes. However basic financial management skills are often lacking and financial accountability often gets side-lined during programme implementation. Good financial management is...

18-21 May, 2015

13-15 August, 2014

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Results-Based Monitoring and Evaluation

Application deadline: April 29, 2016 The West Africa Civil Society Institute (WACSI) invites you to apply for a specialised training on Results Based Monitoring and Evaluation. This module will enable you to professionally assess the efficiency, effectiveness and impact of your projects/interventions and organisational performance. Results-Based Monitoring and evaluation enhances the...

03-06 August, 2015

05-07 November, 2014

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Results-Based Communication for Non-Profits

Application deadline: April 29, 2016 Effective communication is vital for the success of personal interactions and for organizational communication. Communication skills are particular to various situations. It is thus imperative to undergo communications training to develop and improve communication skills related to various roles in civil society organisations. This course will...

28-31 July, 2015

11-13 June, 2014

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Policy Research Methodology and Analysis

Application deadline: August 17 2016 In order to influence governance and national policies, civil society needs to be able to do undertake credible investigative and policy research and analysis to produce cogent reports, policy briefs, monographs and books around which more focused advocacy can be launched. This is important, because too often government officials tend to dismiss...

02-06 December, 2013

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Networking and Alliance Building

Application Deadline: August 17, 2016 Advocacy as a participatory process for development cannot be achieved in isolation. Networking and Alliance Building are two strategic components necessary in pursuing desired advocacy goals effectively. This course aims to expose civil society practitioners to the process of instituting networks at local, national and international levels and...

26-27 June, 2014

12-14 October, 2015

19-23 September, 2016

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