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Rights-based Approach to Development

Application Deadline: October 25 2014

Venue: Accra, Ghana

The West Africa Civil Society Institute (WACSI) is pleased to welcome your application to participate in its course on “Rights-based Approach to Development (RBAD) Training” for CSOs in West Africa. The RBAD training seeks to introduce participants to the concept of rights-based approach to development; specifically to general development design, programming, implementation and advocacy. The training aims to provide a platform for deep conceptual and operational understanding of rights-based approach, and its importance to development issues in the 21st century.

Though, there is an increased awareness on the needs for development stakeholders, especially civil society actors and organizations including NGOs, FBOs, CBOs, youth networks and women’s groups/association to adopt RBA approaches in programme development, however, correct application of these approaches in practice has been utterly fragmented. Thus, it has become imperative for both rural and urban development practitioners to understand, get acquainted to, and be well equipped with requisite information, skills and techniques to enable them effectively and efficiently make use of RBA tools and apply RBA techniques to support and promote various indigenous development agenda.

GOAL: The overarching goal of the training is to introduce emerging and experienced civil society actors in the northern region of Ghana to the concept of rights-based approach to development; and deepen participant’s practical understanding on human rights concepts at local, national and international levels, as well as enhance their ability to establish linkages between human rights issues and development.

WHAT TO EXPECT: This course has been specially designed to help participants understand RBA concept and its importance to development programming. It will equally deepen participants understanding on human right issues, its violations and available provisions at the national and international levels.

Previous Participants Say…
"This training enabled me to understand the need to consider the rights of people before designing programmes" Mr. Asinvim Samuel Alewa-am, Programme Manager of Kalabash, Ghana.

TRAINING OBJECTIVES: The objectives of the training are to:
- Introduce participants to the rights-based approach to development;
- Deepen participant’s understanding in the principles, practices and policies that underpins rights-based approach to development;
- Build participants confidence in applying a rights-based approach to development issues and general programming;
- Expose participants to existing tools, to facilitate the use of rights-based approaches in development planning, implementation and project/programme evaluations;
- Raise participants’ self-awareness in terms of behaviour, attitudes and values in undertaking human rights based development initiatives.

Training Methodology: The facilitation methodologies will include:
- Facilitation
- Brainstorming
- Case studies analysis,
- Audio-visual aids, and
- Group work and role-plays.

Training Audience/Target group
The training is designed for staff of broad-ranged CSOs including non-governmental organisations, community-based organisations, faith-based organisations, Youth networks, women’s groups and associations among others, interested in adopting RBA approach to their work.

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CONTRIBUTION FEE: A Course contribution fee of GHc600.00 (Six Hundred Ghana Cedis Only, excluding bank transfer charges if applicable). The fee covers: Tuition, Feeding, Training materials, WACSI Publications and Certificate of Participation

Participants will bear all costs related to transportation to and accommodation in Accra, Ghana.


Language of instruction: English

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