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Civil Society Situation Report 15 Aug - 15 Sep, 2017

02 October, 2017

Civil society in West Africa, Cameroon and Chad pursue divergent mandates and face unique challenges, as reflected in the diversity of the population, and the political, economic and social realities of the countries of the region. Nonetheless, general trends can be observed in the activities of civil society across the region, as citizens continue to demonstrate their awareness level through their increased demand for change in governance, socioeconomic benefits, free and fair elections, security and social justice.

Civil Society Situation Report 1-15 July,2017

28 August, 2017

In this first half of July edition of the West Africa civil societies situation report, news and activities were captured in the various parts of the region.

In Burkina Faso for example, the European Union fund¬ed an initiative to support civil society in its role as watchdog of the government. Where as in Cote D’Ivoire, the NGO Charite-Vie – with fund from Save the Children, trained civil society organizations in San Pedro in the domain of the Protection of Children.

In Guinea Bissau, government suspended Portuguese television and radio broadcasts stating their breach of the bilateral agreement on the media with Guinea as reason.

In Johannesburg, civil society organizations (Save South Africa (SaveSA) and the Ahmed Kathrada Foundation) are organizing a conference aimed at tackling corruption as well as state capture. While in Hamburg, Germany, anti-globalization protesters, set dozens of cars on fire and tried to block leaders’ delegations from entering the grounds of the Group of 20 (G20) summit.

Civil Society Situation report June 16- 31,2017

21 August, 2017

n this edition of the situation report, civil society news and activities were captured in the various West African States.

In Togo for example, a coalition of civil society organisations known as the Association for the Fight Against Impunity in Togo (CICAT) made 14 recommendations geared towards the fight against torture, inhumane and degrading treatments to the Government of Togo. Where as In Ghana, civil society organizations were enjoined to build a national entity to sustain civil society actions without funding from foreign donors. Elsewhere, the Gambia Press Union (GPU) organized a training of trainers work¬shop to educate editors, senior journalists, heads of civil society organizations and activists on the Freedom of Expression.

In Mali, a coalition of civil society organizations continued their demand for the cancellation of a government plan to revise the Constitution. While in Ghana and Nigeria, there were protests and demonstrations by civil society actors were citizens are demanding for good governance.

Civil Society Situation Report June 1-15,2017

09 August, 2017

Various civil society news in West Africa is captured in this first half of June edition of the Situation Report.

In this report, civil society organisations organised youths in Guinea-Conakry to protest the continued outage of electricity. In Mali, government’s plan to restrict freedom of peaceful assembly of citizens were met with serious condemnation by civil society organisations. Also in Nigeria, governments planned concession of PortHarcourt Refinery was condemned by Civil Societies who gave them 48 hours ultimatum to cancel the planned concession.

In Burkina Faso, discussions were ongoing courtesy of civil society organisations on climate change issues and in Cote d’Ivoire civil society organisations were urging the Ivoirian government to adopt the anti-tobacco law. In Ghana, civil society organisations organised a sex education campaign tagged “Know It-Own It-Live It” to educate both parents and the youths on the dangers of premature and unprotected sex which includes teenage pregnancies and sexually transmitted diseases.

Civil Society Situation Report May 1-15,2017

29 June, 2017

Various civil society news in West Africa are captured in this edition of the Situation Report.

With support from the European Union and other civil society organisations, Sierra Leone launched a three-year program dedicated to training individuals and CSO’s on the importance of civic engagement in local communities.

World Press Freedom Day was celebrated on May 3. CSOs across West Africa took the opportunity to call upon the government to repeal laws obstructing press freedom as well as for civil society to stand up for its freedom of expression. Various countries celebrated the progress made in this area, but also lamented the challenges that still stand. In Sénégal, hundreds of media representatives marched in protest of the economic struggles that prevent journalists from being effective in their work.

Situation Report: Civil Society in West Africa, 1-15 April 2017

09 May, 2017

Various civil society news in West Africa are captured in this edition of the Situation Report. In Niger, for example, civil society and government opposition forces manifested in the streets of Niamey. They denounced poor governance, difficulties in the school sector and the presence of foreign military bases. This is the second time that civil society and opposition, after a long legal battle with power, came together under a common cause.

The situation report also covers Ghana, where three organisations have joined forces to launch a three-year road safety programme in selected schools in the country, to secure the safety of children as they walk to and from school daily.

These and many more interesting civil society news updates feature in this edition of the civil society situation report.

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