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West Africa drug policy training toolkit: Facilitation guide

The West Africa drug policy training toolkit has been developed by the International Drug Policy Consortium (IDPC) to build the capacity of civil society organisations in the region and to help them engage with, and influence, drug policy making processes.

This toolkit allows IDPC and a wide range of organisations to deliver trainings and workshops on drug policy advocacy to their civil society partners and members. It covers the areas of drug policy, civil society advocacy, harm reduction, crime and security, and drug treatment and prevention. The Toolkit is intended as a comprehensive menu of activities and content – from which a facilitator can pick and choose the ones which best suit the context, audience and timeframe. The objective is to create an open access resource that can be used by facilitators and partners around the world.

The West Africa drug policy training toolkit (download here) is based on a global drug policy training toolkit that was launched by IDPC and EHRN in 2013.

The toolkit is composed of six independent modules: 

  • Module 1: The drug control system
  • Module 2: Balanced and effective drug policy - what needs to change?
  • Module 3: Effective drug prevention and treatment
  • Module 4: Harm reduction advocacy
  • Module 5: Best practice in tackling drugs, security and organised crime
  • Module 6: Civil society engagement in drug policy advocacy

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