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This Funding Agencies Resource was developed by the West Africa Civil SocietyInstitute (WACSI) and Contains Contact Details of Over (300) Three HundredInternational and Reputable Funding Agencies. These Agencies are listed in Alphabetical Order from A to Z.This Resource Was Created for Civil Society Usage in West Africa. This DirectoryProvides the Requisite Sources for Obatining Funds for the Effective Implementationof Civil Society Interventions.


Cette ressource des organismes de financement a été développée par l’institut Ouest Africain de la Société civile(WACSI) et contient plus de trois cent(300) contactsimportants organismes internationaux. Les organismes sont énumérés par ordre d’alphabétique de A à Z.C’est une ressource créée pour être utilisée par la société civile en Afrique de l’ouest. Le répertoire fournit les sources nécessaires pour l’obtention de fonds pour unemise en œuvre effective des projets de la société civile.

Civil Society Directory for West Africa

It has become widely accepted that civil society is essential to governance, peace and development in West Africa. The region has witnessed an exponential growth in diverse configurations of civil society groups working at different levels of society. While the activities and achievements of a significant number of these groups are visible and have gained recognition, in reality, most civil society contributions remain unknown and undocumented. Furthermore, the level of collaboration and networking within thecivil society sector is limited given the challenges of communication and transportation in West Africa.

Standards for Excellence for Non Governmental Organisations and Civil Society Organisations in Ghana

The scope of work, the numbers and influence of NGOs/CSOs have expanded considerably in Ghana, leading to the recognition of this sector as an unavoidable partner in the socio-economic development of the country. As societies in Africa undergo social, economic and political transformation NGOs/CSOs are being challenged to remain relevant and responsive to the needs of the people they serve and to convincingly make their impact and contributions felt by the wider citizenry.

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