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Annual Reports

2012 Annual Report

It was clear at the end of 2012 that WACSI had sustained its achievements over the previous years and laid a solid foundation towards achieving its mission: providing capacity development within the civil society sector in West Africa to make it more effective, efficient, influential and sustainable.

Download our 2012 Annual Report here.

WACSI 2011 Annual Report (English)

2011 was an activity-packed year with new experiences, new partnerships and the birth of new initiatives.WACSI experienced growth through an expansion of programmes and outreach, but also one of depth where the Institute looked within to strengthen itself and its partnerships.

Annual Report 2010 "Sustaining Our Commitments"

2010 was a truly remarkable year for WACSI. The organisation moved offices; experienced funding uncertainties as its major funder went through a restructuring process; and started the year without a substantive Executive Director. The Board graciously bridged the leadership gap, with Prof. Esi Sutherland Addy;‘Auntie Esi’, as she is affectionately called, providing excellent guidance and direction. By the time I joined in October 2010, WACSI was not just standing firm and sailing smooth, it was also on the right course.

Rapport Annuel 2010 "Poursuivre nos Engagements"

2010 fut une année remarquable pour WACSI. L’organisation a intégré ses nouveaux locaux , connu des moments d’incertitudes de financement étantdonné que son principal bailleur de fonds ait dû subir un processus derestructuration et commencé l’année sans un véritable Directeur Exécutif. Le Conseil a gracieusement comblé le vide de leadership, grâce au Professeur Esi Sutherland Addy: ‘Auntie Esi’, comme elle est affectueusement appelée, qui a sutenir les reines en assurant un leadership.

Annual Report 2009 "A GROWING INSTITUTION"

"Practicing what it preaches on policy advocacy, the Institute played a leading role as the Chair of the International Coalition on the Responsibility to Protect (ICRtoP) by organising forums in West Africa".

2009 was an excitingly busy year for WACSI as the Institute broadened its interventions by working closely with civil society actors at the national level; focusing on Togo, Cote d’Ivoire, and Liberia.These interventions highlighted that though the evolution and growth of civil society in the respective countries have been different, there are however convergences in the challenges facing actors within the sector across West Africa.

Annual Report 2008 "Strengthening Civil Society and Building Strategic Partnerships"

A region and People on the Move….

West Africa recorded a number of milestones in 2008. The region as a whole moved closer towards becoming more integrated through the crafting of a long term vision“ECOWAS vision 20/20: towards a democratic and prosperous community”, and a renewed attempt to accelerate andpopularize the ECOWAS protocol on Free Movement, Right of Residence and Establishment. Further, a number of key actions such as the mitigation of the crisis in Guinea Bissau and the largely peaceful elections in Ghana advanced the cause of consolidating democratic governance, peace and security in the region.


Annual Reports

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