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West Africa Drug Policy Network Building Meeting

A coalition of CSOs came together as a network called West Africa Drug Policy Network (WADPN) to support drug policy reform in West Africa by building the capacity of local CSOs to address the impact of drug markets on democracy, governance, human security, human right and public health.

1st Annual West Africa Civil Society Conference

West African Civil Society constituency represented by WACSOF and WACSI collaborated to bring together civil society organisations, institutions in governance, development partners and other relevant stakeholders to strategise and design a Post-2015 regional development agenda framework that would take into serious consideration the ECOWAS regional development agenda.

This meeting was convened under the theme “Strategizing for the Post-2015 and ECOWAS Vision 2020 Development Agenda for West Africa”.

Regional Consultation on Drug Policy Reform in West Africa

West Africa is increasingly becoming a hub in the global drug trade and has become a transit point for narcotics from Latin America through to Europe.

2nd CSO Workshop on Drug Policy in West Africa

Drug trafficking, consumption and use threaten the West Africa region. The situation is affecting all level of society across the region, from democracy, governance, public health, to security.

Report on Regional Workshop on Civil Society Sustainability in West Africa

The issue of sustainability of civil society in West Africa is becoming increasingly important with the gradual decline in significant funding from donors over the coming years. Civil society has started discussions on the implications of this on their status and functioning in years to come. 

Meeting Report on Media Workshop on Drug Policy in West Africa

The West African region is not only a transit zone to transport illicit drugs from Latin America to Europe and beyond. The region is also a producing and consuming zone of drugs which has which has undermined the political and economic development and has also become a major security and public health threat to most West African countries. This two-day media workshop raised awareness and understanding of the true nature of drug problem in the region and called on the media to collaborate with civil society organisations to end the effects of the bad drug policies on human rights and public health. The workshop was based on the International Drug Policy Consortium’s (IDPC) “West African Training Toolkit on Drug Policy”.

Read full report here.

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