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CSOs Beyond Foreign Aid: Local Fundraising for Financial Sustainability

03 December, 2018 / Posted by: Emmanuel Woyome

For decades, civil society organisations (CSOs) in Ghana have relied mainly on international donor funding for their financial sustainability. According to the West Africa Civil Society Institute (WACSI), financial sustainability is “the ability of CSOs to generate and also manage finances so as...

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Redefining Feminism and Feminist Activism in West Africa

04 September, 2018 / Posted by: Nana Ekua Awotwi

For decades, feminism has been a key word that has influenced national and international agendas across the globe. The scope and specificities of its practice arouse prolonged arguments as to what...


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The Life Cycle of a Functional CSO Board

14 August, 2018 / Posted by: Charles Kojo Vandyck

A key driver of operational resilience and sustainability is the capability of civil society organisations (CSOs) to establish and cultivate effective boards. Board governance is an important...


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How Can CSOs in West Africa Make Use of Open Data?

14 August, 2018 / Posted by: Oyindamola Adegboye

There used to be a time when data was something only academics and statisticians had to worry about.  But in recent times, there has been an increased prioritisation of data across all sectors....