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Sandra Ndangha from Cameroon(left) Mouctar Diallo from Guinea(Middle),Cesaltina Tavares Sa from Guinea Bissau(right) (photo: WACSI)

Sandra Ndangha from Cameroon(left) Mouctar Diallo from Guinea(Middle),Cesaltina Tavares Sa from Guinea Bissau(right)

Transforming African Leadership through the Next Generation

Africa has long suffered from a major deficit in leadership, threatening the future of the continent. To break the cycle of inadequate leadership it has become imperative to rethink how we groom leaders. It is crucial to develop leaders for the next generation today. Simon Sinek posits, “leadership is not about elections, but the next generation.”

The West Africa Civil Society Institute (WACSI) concurs with this school of thought and has over the last decade, put in measures to preserve the future of civil society’s next generation of leaders. The Institute continues to maximise its efforts to prepare them for the challenges ahead through its Next Generation Leadership Programme (NGLP) and has groomed 32 professionals from 13 countries from all over Africa to date.

This year, it continues its mandate of strengthening civil society’s young professionals, recruiting three vibrant interns under the Next Generation Internship: Mouctar Diallo from Guinea, Cesaltina Tavares Sa from Guinea Bissau and Sandra Ndangha from Cameroon.

These remarkable young individuals are convinced that the programme will be a career and life changing opportunity for them, opening them up to new experiences, cultures, challenges and learning opportunities.

“This programme is a dream come true,” says Cesaltina, “I look forward to having better knowledge of civil society and its role in democratic governance to strengthen my leadership and professional skills, positioning me to contribute to the development of an effective civil society in the region.”

“Through this internship, I will master the necessary skills to influence and advocate policies, especially with governments, to create the enabling space for the smooth operations of civil society,” affirms Sandra, the young legal practitioner.

Diallo adds, “this experience will harness my skills and empower me to play an active role in the promotion of sustainable development in Africa.”

Previous NGLP interns have come from Benin, Burkina Faso, Cameroun, Cote d’Ivoire, Ghana, Guinea, Guinea-Bissau, Liberia, Mali, Nigeria, Togo, Senegal and Zimbabwe.

Much like George Bimpeh, the Country Director of SEND Ghana, Gima Forje the Grants Officer at TY Danjuma Foundation and Omolara Balogun, Head, Policy Influencing and Advocacy Unit at WACSI, graduates of the NGLP internship are leading the way in their communities, cities and countries as exemplary young leaders and citizens.

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