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Civil Society Situation Report October 2018

Over the last one month, there has been a cross cutting of events of civil society activities across West Africa ranging from elections to governance, activism, women empowerment among others.

As these engagements with citizens and stakeholders continue to be on the rise, President Adama Barrow in The Gambia, has made a declaration to his citizenry that his government is working hard to deliver a fully transformed Gambia that is energy secured, food self-sufficient and investment friendly. Civil Society Organisations in Cote d’lvoire have also been engaged by the state of Human Rights for a good orientation of activities which could lead to a collaborative agenda for all.

In response to the grievances of citizens and civil society actors, the United States embassy in Monrovia, Liberia, has engaged independent, globally-acclaimed forensic experts to investigate and verify the facts of an alleged missing L$16 Billion, and determine the extent to which a broader mission may be required. The US Embassy also pointed out that such an assessment may serve as credible and effective means to determine the scale of problems and best ways to support the Liberian government.

Having ventured into politics since 1999, Soham El Wardini has been elected as the first female ever to hold the position of a mayor since post-independence Senegal. According to her making Senegal’s biggest city clean and free of dirt is her utmost priority.

Even though post-election tensions continue to be on the rise in countries such as Cameroon and Cote d’lvoire. CSOs and stakeholders have appealed for a sense of responsibilities among parties to put a stop to these crises.

Civil Societies in the region have also pledged their support to effectively collaborate with relevant bodies to address adolescent pregnancy, sexual and gender based violence as well as strategically engage women for inclusive participation at all levels of governance.

Considering the diverse actions of CSOs activities across the region, it’s essential to reflect innovative ways of empowering the sector to adapt to the contemporary challenges facing West Africa.


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About the Civil Society Situation Report: This is a monthly synopsis of news articles compiled by WACSI on civil society and citizen engagement across West Africa. It serves as a tool to monitor specific trends and changes within the sector across the region.

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