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Results-Based Monitoring and Evaluation, Commmunicating Impact

Application deadline: Friday,April 27,2018

This training course which will be held from 14-18 May, 2018 in Abuja-Nigeria, is designed to equip development practitioners with requisite project-related monitoring and evaluation tools and competencies. The course will enable you to professionally assess and communicate the efficiency, effectiveness and impact of your projects/interventions  and organisational performance. The training would help your organisation to track the progress of your projects and programmes and analyse their long-term impact on the communities you serve.

Course Objectives:

-Provide you with tools and techniquesto promote the use of evaluative evidence;
-Strengthen the results-based management systems of CSOs;
-Provide CSOs with the competencies to build and run robust communication systems;
-Equip participants with robust skills to communicate effectively success stories;
-Empower participants to be strategic brand ambassadors of their organisations;
-Empower participants to effectively utilise social media tools to enhance their visibility.

How to Apply: Kindly complete, sign and submit the attached application form by email to on or before Friday,April 27,2018

Contribution Fee: The course fee is 500USD payable before Friday,April 27,2018

Fees include tuition,training materials, certificate of completion, continental breakfast,refreshments and lunch,follow-up engagement and post training webinar.

To apply online, visit here

Participants will bear all costs related to transportation to and accommodation in Abuja, Nigeria.

The language of instruction: English.

Download call for application here  or click on APPLY ONLINE below to apply.

Course Calendar

Course Calendar