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West Africa Civil Society Institute Strengthening Civil Society


WACSI adds value to civil society existence, effectiveness and efficiency in West Africa

Capacity Development

WACSI's Capacity Building Unit offers training and technical assistance to enable development practitioners to improve performance and value creation. The Unit's tailor-made interventions in organisational development, skills development, peer learning and information exchange are designed to strengthen the operational capabilities and professionalism of CSO actors so they can better influence policy processes.

WACSI's capacity building initiatives are instrumental in not only fulfilling the development needs of institutions and individuals, but also creating a space for networking, collaboration and cooperation between the various actors of civil society in the West African sub region.

The Unit’s training strategies include regional and national targeted initiatives in selected countries in response to identified operational challenges, demand driven requests and scheduled fee paying courses.

The Institute’s training interventions provide a forum for:

- Imparting New Techniques and Methods
- Exchanging Ideas
- Enhancing Analytical Competencies
- Sharing Experiences
- Bridging Differences
- Strengthening the Functional Capabilities of CSOs through Mutual Collaboration and Partnership

Training Programmes

Institutional Development

  • Corporate Governance
  • NGO Management
  • Board Governance
  • Human Resource Management

Skills Development

  • Monitoring and Evaluation
  • Policy Advocacy and Engagement
  • Networking and Alliance Building
  • Resource Mobilisation and Proposal Writing
  • Grants Management
  • Personal Productivity Skills
  • Financial Management and Budgetary Control
  • Influential Leadership
  • Results-Based Management
  • Policy Research and Analysis

Our Trainers

Our trainers and resource persons are highly experienced professionals who deliver our national and regional tailored initiatives, scheduled fee paying training courses, and deliver tailor-made training courses and services for civil society in the sub region. Our trainers are frequently up-to-date on the newest development thinking, and new ways of working, and they bring the added value of rich, broad base experience and stimulating innovation.

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Capacity Development - Events and Activities


Training Activities

24 April, 2012

Through training initiatives, WACSI organizes tailor-made training courses for organizational and skills development. These tailor-made trainings are designed to address CSOs’ needs and contexts. Specific courses are organised yearly by the Institute to enhance the institutional and operational capacities of CSOs in West Africa in each of the following operational areas of CSOs’ work....

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Training Updates

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