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WACSI adds value to civil society existence, effectiveness and efficiency in West Africa

Next Generation Internship

WACSI is dedicated to building the next generation of responsible civil society actors in West Africa, especially in fragile countries. In pursuit of this mandate the Institute’s Next Generation Internship Programme (NGI) offers a 6 – 12 months internship to young West Africans at the start of their professional careers seeking work experience in WACSI’s focus areas.

The Institute's internship programme aims at building interns’ capacity in the following areas; leadership, proposal writing, report writing, training and facilitation skills.The Institute’s seeks organised individuals with creative minds and a hunger to make a positive impact in a sector that continuously changes.

The interns should have the following qualities; preferably, an academic background in law or social sciences, strong interpersonal skills, ability to multi-task, capacity to take constructive criticism well, strong writing skills, punctuality, effective communication skills, initiative and drive and effective time management skills.

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Applications from potential interns are ONLY accepted when call for applications are launched. The Institute is not currently accepting applications from potential interns. 

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Volunteering at WACSI

WACSI’s volunteering program is designed to serve as a contribution to encourage the spirit of civic consciousness in the youth. Volunteers are viewed as a valuable resource to the Institute, its staff, and partners.

Volunteers shall be extended the right to be given meaningful assignments, the right to be treated as equal co-workers, the right to effective supervision, the right to full involvement and participation, and will be recognised for work done.

Volunteers may be utilized in all programs and activities of the Institute, and serve at all levels of skill and decision-making.

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Training Courses

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