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West Africa Civil Society Institute Strengthening Civil Society


WACSI adds value to civil society existence, effectiveness and efficiency in West Africa

Training Activities

Through training initiatives, WACSI organizes tailor-made training courses for organizational and skills development. These tailor-made trainings are designed to address CSOs’ needs and contexts. Specific courses are organised yearly by the Institute to enhance the institutional and operational capacities of CSOs in West Africa in each of the following operational areas of CSOs’ work.

Organizational Development
•Corporate Governance
•NGO Management
•Human Resource Management
•Governance and Leadership for Boards

Skills Development    

•Personal Productivity Skills
•Monitoring and Evaluation
•Fundraising and Resource Mobilisation
•Project Proposal Formulation and Grants Management
•Financial Management and Budgetary Control
•Results Based Management
•Networking and Alliance Building
•Influential Leadership for Women’s Organizations
•Community Mobilization, Participatory Rural Appraisal (PRA) and Participatory Learning and Action (PLA)

Policy Advocacy

•Policy Research Analysis
•Policy Advocacy and Engagement
•Introduction to Policy Advocacy and Engagement
•Advanced Course in Policy Advocacy and Engagement
•Networking and Alliance Building

The Institute’s specially designed training courses offer three benefits:

Developing Robust Organizations and their Partners: WACSI’s courses provide organizations, their staff and partners with requisite knowledge and skills to achieve their mandate. The Institute puts together needs-based or demand-driven courses or both, to enhance the functional and operational capacities of civil society practitioners and their organizations respectively.  

Ensuring Knowledge Comprehension: WACSI’s training methodology involves participatory interaction and working in teams. This is done to deepen the understanding of concepts and encourage active participation and contribution of participants. The training methods utilized during WACSI’s trainings encourage ‘learning-by-doing’ amongst participants.

Promoting Networking: WACSI’s trainings bring together civil society practitioners from different sectors, as well as West African experts to facilitate the trainings. It serves as an opportunity for participants to develop new working relationships and forge new partnerships.

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