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Capacity Development - Training Courses

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Resource Mobilisation &Sustainability and Grants Management & Reporting Training

Application Deadline: Wednesday,28 February,2018 WACSI has specifically designed these courses which will be held in Accra-Ghana, from the 19-23 March,2018, to address resourcing and sustainability issues facing civil society as well as ensuring that their limited resources are used effectively while implementing programmes. The training will look at a combination of strategies to...

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Evidence Based Advocacy

Application deadline: Friday, June 29, 2018 The Evidence-Based Advocacy course which takes place from 23-27 July,2018, in Accra-Ghana, seeks to strengthen links between evidence and advocacy efforts. The training will enhance the participants’ skills in policy research methodology, policy analysis, data collection techniques, research report writing, and documentation as well as provide...

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Results-Based Monitoring and Evaluation, Commmunicating Impact

Application deadline: Friday,April 27,2018 This training course which will be held from 14-18 May, 2018 in Abuja-Nigeria, is designed to equip development practitioners with requisite project-related monitoring and evaluation tools and competencies. The course will enable you to professionally assess and communicate the efficiency, effectiveness and impact of your projects/interventions...

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