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WACSI adds value to civil society existence, effectiveness and efficiency in West Africa

Resource Centre

WACSI’s resource centre is a hub of information on civil society and various aspects of development in Africa. Its purpose is to deepen knowledge and understanding of civil society in West Africa as well as to strengthen the capacity of civil society organisations.

Situated on the ground floor of WACSI, our collection of resources includes books, journals, reports, periodicals, toolkits, magazines, videos, audio recordings and a range of other documents in French and English.

The resource centre provides a free space for civil society actors, students and researchers to consult our documents, expand their knowledge and work on their projects in a peaceful, air-conditioned environment. We welcome any interested persons who wish to discover more about civil society and WACSI’s work.

There are six computers with Internet connection available for use and paid photocopy services are available. All our document titles are listed on our website and a digital database which will allow visitors to locate documents easily is under construction. For further information, please contact

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