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Composite Report On The 2011 Liberia General Elections by the West Africa Women Elections Observation Team (WAWEO) - October, 2011

Women in Africa are increasingly making their presence felt in the political arena. Despite this progress, the number of women actively and visibly engaged in politics remains low in most African countries mainly due to prevailing societal belief that politics is a male domain. 2011 and 2012 present new opportunities for women in West Africa with eight countries scheduled to hold parliamentary and presidential elections.

In view of this, the delegates at the 2nd Annual West African Women Policy Forum convened by the West African Civil Society Institute (WACSI) and Women, Peace and Security Network (WIPSEN-Africa) under the theme: “Our Politics is NOW: Moving Beyond the Rhetoric of Women’s Political Participation” called for the formation of a West African Women Election Observation Team (WAWEO) consisting of two representatives from each of the fifteen ECOWAS member states. This initiative aims at promoting West African women’s active participation and representation in politics, enhancing women’s capacity to play active roles in electoral processes in West Africa by increasing the number of women observers and ensuring that electoral procedures including electoral laws and administration do not disadvantage women directly or indirectly.

Composite Report On The 2011 Liberia General Elections by the West Africa Women Elections Observation Team ...

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