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Mapping the African Philanthropic Space: Opportunities and Challenges for Development in Nigeria

This study examines the contemporary African philanthropic space in Nigeria and its role, opportunities, and challenges for Nigeria’s National development. Drawing from both primary and secondary sources, this paper argues that philanthropy has a long history in Nigeria and is embedded in the socio-cultural milieu of the people. African philanthropic infrastructures exist in both formal and informal forms and both the rich and the poor are involved in philanthropy in Nigeria. The changing socio-political trajectories in Nigeria particularly since the return to civil rule in 1999 and the astronomic surge in the number of High Net Worth Individuals have led to the establishment of philanthropic foundations by accomplished businessmen and women, sports personalities, politicians and community trusts to support the state in diverse development areas. 

Leadership Transitions and Governance within CSOs in Ghana

Many Civil Society Organisations (CSOs) lack governance structures and systems to support effective leadership transitions. Evidence indicates that a few organisations have plans in place to help manage leadership transition processes. This has led to a situation where organisations have been left in turmoil when founding executive directors leave. This report is an analysis of the governance structures and leadership transitions in select CSOs in Ghana. It is based on evidence from fieldwork carried out in Ghana involving fifteen research participants; ten of whom have been leaders of civil society organisations or currently serve as executive directors. The study explored governance structures, systems and processes within CSOs in Ghana and how leadership transitions and successions are managed in these organisations. The research also analysed the implications of succession planning for CSOs’ sustainability and proffers measures for strengthening governance and healthy leadership transitions.

Regional Research Publication on Civil Society Development in West Africa (Bilingual)

In West Africa, Civil Society Organisations (CSOs) have evolved and gained important recognition in public policy debates and contribution to democratic development.

Civil Society and Development In West Africa Research Report Published

Civil society organisations (CSOs) have contributed significantly to the development of the West African region in the areas of good governance, socio-economic development, elections, conflict prevention and management, humanitarian crisis, health and sanitation among others.

The State of Civil Society Organisations’ Sustainability in Ghana

This study was commissioned by the West Africa Civil Society Institute (WACSI) with support from STAR-Ghana, to explore the status of civil society (CS) sustainability in the context of the changing aid and development landscape in Ghana. 

Working Paper Series on Civil Society and Development in West Africa

West Africa’s multiple civil societies are as diverse in form, size, motive, constitution and approach as the distinct contexts in which they operate. Though much is attributed to them, there has hitherto been no thorough/detailed authoritative/wilful exploration of their involvement, influence or impact in and on development discourses in the region and beyond.

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