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Annual Reports

2016 Annual Report

The 2016 report of the West Africa Civil Society Institute confirms the progress made by the institute in its pioneering role of promoting civil society organisations (CSOs) in West Africa.

Read the 2016 Annual Report here

2015 Annual Report

The current activity report of the West Africa Civil Society Institute (WACSI) aims at presenting the Institute’s results for the year 2015. WACSI’s activities during the year
2015, were centered around three main areas:
• Strengthening the capacity of civil society organisations in Africa;
• Knowledge management;
• Policy Influencing and advocacy

Read the 2015 Annual Report here

2014 Annual Report

WACSI’s goal is to strengthen civil society in West Africa to contribute effectively to sustainable development in the region. In 2014, WACSI worked with beneficiaries of its programmes to share their stories. It is a matter of pride for WACSI when these organisations and civil society actors that have benefitted from the Institute’s programmes use the skills and knowledge acquired to improve their performance and achieve the expected results. We are happy to share these stories with you too.

2013 Annual Report: Moving Forward

Another fascinating year of progressing towards our goal of strengthening civil society as an influential, credible and effective partner to government and the private sector for sustainable development in West Africa has rolled by. 2013 represented a year of advancement for WACSI as we moved forward in the attainment of our goals.

Download full report here.

2012 Annual Report

It was clear at the end of 2012 that WACSI had sustained its achievements over the previous years and laid a solid foundation towards achieving its mission: providing capacity development within the civil society sector in West Africa to make it more effective, efficient, influential and sustainable.

Download our 2012 Annual Report here.

Annual Report 2007

2007 witnessed WACSI consolidate itself as a viable institute positioned to support civil society’s work in West Africa. The response of civil society actors to the institute’s mission and mandate validates the accuracy of the vision for the institute as conceptualised by the Open Society Initiative for West Africa (OSIWA). WACSI in many ways has been born at a critical time. Civil society actors in West Africa have come of age and there is consensus that civil society is an important partner in governance, democratisation and development.

Annual Reports

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