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Internship Report by Nana Nyama Danso

The Next Generation Internship programme offered me a great opportunity to acquire new skills, develop professionally and exposed me to civil society operations and contributions in West Africa. I am grateful for the opportunity to work with knowledgeable colleagues and professionals who guided and coached me through this internship period.

As a team member of the Knowledge Management Unit, I worked under the supervision of the Head of the unit, Mr. Jimm Chick Fomunjong. I also received support and coaching from Mr. Christian Elongue (Programme Officer) and Miss Perpetual Tindana. However, I also had the opportunity to assist other two units on some of their projects. I took part in Capacity Development Trainings, wrote Concept Notes and Proposals, Report Writing and offered other support. These are discussed in the following paragraphs.


After completing my first degree in Philosophy, I have incessantly questioned and reflected on the tangible role of philosophy in the new corporate world order. At the time of my undergraduate studies, it was easy to jump onto the ‘bandwagon’ of philosophy students who have always prided themselves in the notion that they represented the greatest “think tanks”for designing creative policies, identifying lapses in judgment and probing codes of behavior.Yet, I felt empty after my university education. The road map that led me onto this academic journey appeared to be a dead end. My accounting, marketing and medical student colleagues could pin-point their relevance in concrete terms, such as balance sheets, advertising and surgery in any organization.

Improving Capacity Building for Civil Society Organisations in West Africa

That civil society is a strategic partner in state building and development is a fact which is increasingly being acknowledged by many. Civil society organisations (CSOs) in many parts of West Africa have been at the forefront of calls for effective policies, good governance, sustainable development, peace and transparency in state affairs.CSOs in West Africa are increasingly getting involved in developmental processes. Thisis demonstrated by the continuous increase in the number of civil society actors in theregion. This increase notwithstanding, its impact is still to be felt in many part of the subregion because most of these organisations are faced with the challenge of limited institutional and technical capacities.

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